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7 Reasons Why You Should Opt For Dental Ozone Therapy

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  • June 10, 2018

Are you searching for a holistic dentistry treatment that lets nature take its course and uses the least possible medication and invasion to achieve its goal? Learn more about the incredible benefits of dental ozone therapy.

Dental ozone therapy is fast becoming one of the most effective treatment options used in dentistry today. This minimally invasive and conservative approach to oral care can be used to:

  • clear away infection and bacteria to heal gum infections
  • improve circulation in the jaw muscles
  • support bone regeneration
  • eliminate any tooth sensitivity

Holistic dentists have used this procedure for many years, but has only recently regained popularity as bacteria become more and more antibiotic resistant. Many patients favour it because it’s conservative, painless, minimally invasive, and can dramatically lessen treatment time.

Dental Ozone Therapy at Our Calgary Clinic

At our Calgary Dental Clinic, we believe that your dental health is absolutely interconnected to your overall well-being. Our holistic approach focuses on whole health wellness, from our use of biocompatible materials and safe removal of amalgam fillings, to state-of-the-art dental techniques such as ozone therapy.

Our philosophy of excellence includes every aspect of our practice, from customer care and the safety of our materials to the appearance of your final result.

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What is Ozone Dental Therapy?

Ozone is essentially a super-charged form of oxygen with the unique ability to disinfect. This fights off many different types of bacteria that cause everything from diseases and pain to tooth decay.

Your holistic dentist will use ozone dental therapy when he/she needs to clean out certain areas of the mouth. Using a specialized ozone machine, your dentist will use a blast of ozone to successfully eliminate any bad microbes or bacteria.

This treatment has been used to address the following problems:

  • gum disease
  • periodontal issues
  • disinfecting a tooth after extraction
  • canker Sores
  • tooth Sensitivity
  • infections around the teeth and throughout the mouth

Get a Brighter Smile Naturally With Ozone Dental Therapy

Ozone therapy can also be used as a natural alternative to patients looking to brighten their smile. The oxidative burst created during the treatment goes below the surface of the enamel, lifting stains, and giving you a brighter, whiter smile without the need to resort to harmful and toxic bleaches.


Benefits of Dental Ozone Therapy

The biggest benefit of ozone therapy is that it is all-natural. Dentists are able to offer their patients the chance to remove harmful bacteria without resorting to the use of other products that can have toxic and unhealthy side-effects.

Other benefits of this therapy include:

  • improved blood circulation and oxygen delivery to tissues
  • enhanced metabolism through improved oxygen delivery
  • it activates your immune system
  • speeds up the healing process so you can get back to normal faster
  • activates systems that protect your neuronal integrity
  • induces a feeling of overall wellness
  • stimulates your neuroendocrine system

Ozone dental therapy can be used for a wide number of applications and our Calgary dental clinic has incorporated this advanced technology to enhance many treatments for the benefit of our patients’ oral health.


Why Opt For Ozone Dental Therapy?

Ozone therapy provides a safe and holistic dentistry treatment option for patients who are suffering from a number of oral problems. Here are just a few of the reasons why you may want to talk to your holistic dentist about this type of therapy:

1. Ozone provides a safe alternative to fluoride. Fluoride is used widely in dentistry to remineralize soft tooth enamel, however too much of it can have health repercussions. Ozone hardens enamel without any risks of fluoride, so it’s a viable and safer option for many patients.

2. Ozone encourages regrowth of the tooth. Used in gaseous form, ozone attacks harmful bacteria within your mouth that cause cavities. This avoids having to have any filings as it both kills bacteria and encourages the regrowth of the tooth.

3. It creates an ideal environment for healing. Ozone can be used to treat gum disease. It naturally attacks the bacteria that cause infection but does so without impacting on healthy bacteria, creating a perfect environment for healing.

4. It creates stronger teeth. Ozone can be used to harden enamel or any compromised tooth structure by filling gaps that expose nerves, successfully eliminating sensitivity and restoring comfort and function to your teeth.

5. It restores the health of your mouth naturally. Ozone has been used very successfully to treat periodontal disease. Ozonated water is flushed below the gum line and/or ozone gas infiltrated into the gum tissue and supporting tissue to restore the health to your mouth.

6. Ozone is completely safe. Ozone doesn’t have any contraindication with other medications, therefore cross-reactions and allergies are not a concern at all.


How is Ozone Applied For Dental Treatments?

Ozone therapy is designed to be a painless way to get the dental care you need while improving your own ability to heal up after the treatment. The dental office will use medical-grade pure oxygen to generate pure ozone, which can then be used in the gas and liquid form.

By utilizing these different applications, ozone therapy can be used in all areas of dentistry such as preventing tooth decay, managing tooth sensitivity, overall infection control, and so much more.


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To find out more about the costs and benefits of our ozone dental treatments, and how our team can help protect the oral and overall health of you and your family, contact our Calgary dental clinic today at 403-907-0753 or book an appointment.

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