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perio pro calgary

Perio Pro Oral Rinse

Perio Pro Oral Rinse is an anti-inflammatory, antioxidant mouth rinse containing only organic and natural ingredients.
It is proven effective against the bacteria that cause dental caries, bad breath, and gum disease.

Admira Fusion

Now offering the FIRST all ceramic-based direct restorative material. Completely BPA and Monomer-free! This white filling material provides improved BIOCOMPATIBILITY through the absence of traditional monomers and potentially a more durable restoration!

admira fusion calgary
x-pur remineralization calgary

X-Pur Remineralization Toothpaste


Concerned about dental decay but want an alternative to fluoride toothpaste?
X-Pur Remineralization Toothpaste has been proven to help remineralize enamel and thus decrease the risk of cavities or decay!

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