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Biocompatible Dentistry in Calgary

Holistic, biocompatible dentistry emphasizes an approach to dental care that considers the patient’s oral health in the quest for optimal well-being.

At Dr. Korol Dental, we utilize:

  • High-quality biocompatible materials
  • Amalgam-free and amalgam-safe techniques to limit a patient's exposure to mercury and other potentially toxic materials in dental fillings
  • Digital X-rays to minimize the patient's exposure to radiation
  • Fluoride-free alternatives to prevent decay

Whatever restorative dentistry service you require from fillings, inlays and onlays to crowns, our dentists are committed to using the best, most biocompatible materials to provide durable, long-lasting solutions that protect your oral and overall health for years to come.

What is Biocompatible Material?

Biocompatible materials are the safest, most non-toxic and natural materials that can be used to restore dental health. Biocompatible materials are those that closely mimic natural tooth structure and avoid any potential harmful side-effects to your overall health.

Some examples of using biocompatible materials in dentistry include:

Composite Fillings

Composites are a tooth-colored material that is a combination of resin and glass-like particles. The resin bonds strongly to the tooth structure and the glass-like particles make the fillings resistant to any wear and tear.


Inlays can be used when part of the biting surface of a tooth has been damaged and weakened. Here, the biocompatible material of choice would be a ceramic or sometimes gold.

Both are well-tolerated from a biological standpoint and provide the strength & durability that is needed.

Onlays & Crowns

In cases where the damage to the teeth is significant, it is best restored by a ceramic or gold onlay or full crown. This biocompatible material is durable enough to replace lost tooth structure and provide enough strength to support the bite.


Benefits of Biocompatible Material

At Dr. Korol Dental, our dentists integrate natural and biocompatible philosophies with traditional dental care to help achieve optimal dental health.

Benefits of holistic dental care include:

  • Safe, non-toxic treatment options
  • Total body health consideration
  • Comprehensive dental care
  • Long-lasting, reliable solutions

Whether you require a simple filling or more extensive dental work such as a crown or dental implant, our dentists focus on promoting your overall health as well as providing excellent dental care.

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