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3 Reasons Why Biocompatible Dentistry Is Safer And More Effective Than Traditional Dentistry Methods

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Biocompatible dentistry recognizes the connection between the mouth and the body. It focuses on the patient's overall wellness, as opposed to just treating the mouth and teeth. It views the body as a whole and believes that what happens to the mouth affects the entire body, and vice-versa. 

With this in mind, biocompatible dentists use a proactive approach to dental health that focuses on underlying causes of dental issues rather than just correcting the symptoms. Biocompatible dentistry uses dental materials, products, and techniques that align with the patient's overall health. It prefers to avoid unnecessary invasive procedures in favour of less-invasive, natural means.

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What Is Biocompatible Dentistry?

Today, we are exposed to many potentially toxic substances and materials that did not exist decades ago. Many of these hazards can cause allergic reactions for many chemically sensitive individuals. 

Traditional dentists use amalgam fillings, which contain mercury (a toxic heavy metal). These can trigger allergic reactions, inflict serious damage to the central nervous system and the immune system, and cause significant oral health issues in the future. 

The term biocompatible describes materials and techniques that do not harm the body, are non-toxic and are not prone to causing allergic reactions. Biocompatible dentistry proposes safe, effective, and holistic dental approaches, eliminating the risks that come with traditional amalgam materials.

To learn more about Dr. Korol’s commitment to using biocompatible materials in dental treatments such as root canals and crowns, contact Calgary Dentistry by calling 403-245-9099 or by filling out our online contact form.

3 Benefits Of Biocompatible Dentistry Over Traditional Dentistry

Biocompatible Materials

Metal amalgam dental restorations contain about 50% mercury, which is released into the body in small increments over time. Mercury is a neurotoxin that can damage organs and the brain.
Metal-free biocompatible materials are chemically inert and are strong enough to protect the teeth while offering long-lasting results. Those with an existing health problem that compromises the immune system should seriously consider biocompatible dentistry to prevent their condition from worsening.

Balance Between Dental Health And Physical Wellness

To improve and achieve a dental-physical balance, biocompatible dentistry also includes nutritional advice (food choices that promote healthy gums and strong teeth) as well as restorative services to ensure your teeth and bite alignment are in good condition. Biocompatible dentists will proactively promote holistic health and wellness through dental hygiene and nutrition instead of just dealing with the symptomatic dental problems affecting the teeth and mouth.

Safe, Holistic Treatments

Many biocompatible dentists do not use traditional fluoride to treat their patients for tooth decay. They believe that there is already enough fluoride in our water systems. As such, they use alternative treatments so that their patients do not run the risk of fluorosis, a condition caused by toxic levels of fluoride. 

Biocompatible dentists will also use digital x-rays to minimize the patient's risk of radiation and will refrain from performing root canals, believing that the latter force harmful bacteria into the blood—making the patient susceptible to diabetes, heart disease, and stroke. Another reason for biocompatible dentists to reject root canals is that the canal cannot be completely sterilized during this procedure.  


The concept of dentistry from a biocompatible approach is characterized by considering the body as a whole, taking into account all social, mental, and psychological factors rather than just the symptoms of the oral health issue. Knowing the effects that specific dental problems can have on the rest of the body is paramount. Biocompatible dentists privilege strict procedures and materials tailored to your body chemistry.

If you have old metal amalgam fillings that you want to be replaced or have an aching or sensitive tooth that requires immediate dental care, contact our Calgary Dental Clinic at 403-245-9099 or book an appointment to get in touch with one of our holistic dentists. Start maintaining total oral and overall wellbeing today!


How long do ceramic fillings last?

Ceramic fillings offer the most natural-looking filling material and can last up to 20 years if taken care of properly.

Is biocompatible dentistry safe for children?

Yes. Biocompatible dentistry is very safe and effective for children. Because they are still undergoing brain and immune system development, eliminating all toxic materials such as fluoride and mercury used in traditional dentistry methods will promote their overall health and wellbeing.

What is the difference between ceramic and composite fillings?

Ceramic fillings are usually made from porcelain and are less likely to stain over time compared to composite fillings. Although ceramic fillings are a little bit more expensive, they can last up to 20 years if taken care of correctly. Composite fillings are made from a mixture of powdered glass and plastic resin. They are designed to repair chipped, broken, or worn teeth by chemically bonding to the tooth's structure.



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