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Dental Fillings

Dental Fillings

Calgary Dental Fillings

Are you concerned you may have a cavity/cavities in your teeth? Do you feel pain when brushing or have sensitivity cold or sweet foods? Then you may have tooth decay that requires a dental filling.

Recommended by dentists as one of the most effective solutions for replacing tooth structure lost to decay, fillings are one of the most commonly performed dental treatments across the world.

What is a Dental Filling?

Dental fillings are restorations that are placed after the decay is removed from your tooth. They help to restore the lost tooth structure and bring a tooth back to its normal form and function. Fillings also help prevent further breakdown of the tooth. 

Dental fillings have a number of benefits for your oral health including:

  • Limiting damage caused by trauma and/or  dental cavities/decay
  • Re-establishes adequate function of the tooth
  • Helps prevent nerve damage and/or the need for root canal
  • Helps prevent further tooth loss
  • Lowers the bacterial count in your mouth, helping reduce the risk for further decay and bad breath

Dental Filling Procedure

Once your dentist has identified a cavity using an x-ray or other visual tools, they may recommend a dental filling to prevent any further damage.

This routine treatment involves the following steps:

  • Your dentist will usually administer a local anesthetic (freezing) around the treatment area to alleviate any discomfort or pain
  • Using a drill, the dentist will remove any decay and shape the tooth for the filling
  • Depending on the type of filling you opt for, the dentist will place a bonding agent and then layer on the resin and harden it using a bright UV light
  • Once your filling has been placed, your dentist will polish your tooth and adjust it to make sure it fits the bite

A filling can take anywhere from 10 minutes to over an hour to complete, depending on the extent of the decay. 

Fillings are routine dental procedures and are performed several times in a dental office each day.

What Our Patients Have To Say

At Dr. Korol Dental, our focus is on the patient. We strive to make every experience as pleasant as possible and to get to the root of your dental issue. Our hope is that every person who leaves our office feels they’ve had the best visit to the dentist and that they’ve learned more about their dental health. But don’t just take our word for it! Read what others have to say about their experience.

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Whether you’re booking a semi-annual cleaning and checkup or require a special dental service, Dr. Korol and her team are here for all of your dental needs.

To start on your personalized dental treatment for that healthy, beautiful smile, contact our Calgary dental office today by calling 1-403-245-9099 or filling out the contact form.

Mercury-Free Fillings in Calgary

At Dr. Korol Dental, we only use white resin fillings for direct (in-office) restorations. Amalgam (silver) fillings containing mercury are still commonly used but our dentists are committed to providing the most biocompatible treatments available and we are a mercury-free office.

Some of the incredible benefits of mercury-free fillings include:

  • Tooth-coloured and therefore more natural-looking/aesthetically pleasing than amalgam fillings.
  • Safer (eliminates potential risks of being exposed to mercury).
  • Environmentally-friendly.
  • Bonds to the tooth, thus decreasing future risk of fracture or breakage.

We proudly offer mercury-free products while delivering comprehensive dental care to all our Calgary patients.

Our dentists provide a number of dental restorations including fillings, dental crowns, bridges and cosmetic bonding to ensure your smile lasts a lifetime.

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What Sets Us Apart

What Sets Us Apart

Dr. Jackie Korol is passionate about providing outstanding dental care! She completed her dental studies in 2011 and has since committed to providing Calgarians with the care and the most up-to-date dental products and technology. Dr. Korol is dedicated to safe and mercury-free dentistry, with Dr. Korol Dentistry as a leading holistic and biocompatible dental practice.


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