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3 Signs You Might Need a Tooth Extraction

Are you experiencing jaw stiffness or severe tooth pain? Here are three situations in which your Calgary holistic dentist may suggest you need a tooth extraction.

A tooth extraction is a very common and safe dental treatment that involves removing one or more teeth from the bone socket. Some of the most common signs that your Calgary holistic dentist might need to extract your tooth include: 

  • Pain that worsens when eating or with pressure
  • Presence of gum disease
  • Swollen gums 
  • Jaw pain 
  • Severe tooth pain 

If you have any of the above symptoms, it’s always best to visit your dentist as soon as possible to discuss the best treatment options and solutions. 

Safe and Effective Tooth Extractions and Dental Emergency Care in Calgary 

At our Calgary dental clinic, our team of highly qualified holistic dentists strive to provide you with affordable, quality, and convenient dental services. From wisdom tooth extractions and safe mercury removal, to dental emergency care and customized Invisalign treatments, we can meet all your oral health care needs. 

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3 Signs You Might Need a Tooth Extraction 

Many patients who suffer from dental pain worry that their tooth might need to be extracted. However, with modern dentistry, extraction is no longer the only treatment solution, and even if it is required, it can help alleviate your pain and prevent a damaged tooth from creating more problems in your mouth. 

How do I know if I need a tooth extraction? Your Calgary holistic dentist is the most qualified person to advise you on if an extraction is required in case of infection, gum disease, or impaction. Here are some signs that may indicate you require an extraction: 

1. Your Wisdom Teeth are Impacted 

Your dentist might suggest that your wisdom teeth be extracted if your jaw is too small to accommodate them, or if they can’t push through the gum on their own. Wisdom tooth extraction is often recommended in cases where the teeth are: 

  • Impacted 
  • Affecting your bite and chewing ability 
  • Turned at odd angles 

Wisdom tooth extraction has many benefits, as it can eliminate jaw pain, lower your risk of developing periodontal disease, and protect the natural alignment of your other teeth. 



2. Your Tooth Has Been Damaged 

If you have a tooth that has been damaged by disease, extensive decay, or some sort of trauma, such as a car crash or sports injury, then it might not be possible to repair the damage. In such a case, your holistic dentist may recommend that extraction is the best option. 

What happens after I’ve had a tooth extraction? 

Regardless of the cause for your tooth extraction, there are several tooth replacement options available to help restore the appearance of your smile and your oral health. This includes: 

Talk to your Calgary dentist about your tooth replacement options and they can help you find the one that best suits your needs and budget. 

3. You Are Suffering from an Infection 

Severe infection or decay that affects the pulp can be a reason for an extraction if your infection doesn’t respond to antibiotics. In case of severe gum disease, the root of your tooth may be so exposed or damaged, that pulling it is advisable. 


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Whatever your oral needs or concerns, our holistic dentists offer a wide range of dental services from sedation dentistry and emergency care, to safe mercury removal and dental implants, to ensure the long-term health and beauty of your smile. To find out more, contact our Calgary dental clinic at 403-245-9099 or book an appointment.


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