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4 Most Common Dental Emergencies

Are you suffering from a dental emergency such as a broken tooth or swollen jaw? Here’s how to handle such a situation and why it’s so important to seek out immediate emergency dental care.

Having access to emergency dental treatment is very important for your oral and overall health, and while some patients may avoid such care due to worries of price, this strategy may actually result in higher long term costs and serious consequences.

Some of the benefits of seeking out emergency dental care include:

  • Tooth loss prevention
  • Pain relief
  • Lower short-term costs and less need of extensive dental treatment
  • Prevention of oral infections
  • Improved appearance

Emergency Dental Care at our Calgary Clinic

Regardless of your type of dental emergency, immediate treatment is key. Prolonging this, or neglecting your condition, can lead to serious oral and general health problems in the future. At Dr. Korol Dental, our holistic dentists offer effective and quick dental emergency care to save your teeth and prevent any long-term damage.

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Emergency Dental Treatment


4 Common Dental Emergencies & How to Handle Them

Accidents can happen anywhere, at anytime, so if you are suffering from a dental emergency, don’t panic! The first step should always be to call your dentist for emergency dental care, but while you are waiting for treatment, here’s how to handle the 4 most common dental emergencies:

1. Toothache

A toothache could be a sign of an infection, so if you are suffering from dental pain, it’s best to seek treatment immediately. However, in the meantime, you can try to:

  • Rinse your mouth with warm water to clean out any debris.
  • Gently floss to remove particles between your teeth.
  • Take a painkiller, such as ibuprofen, which can help relieve discomfort.
  • Apply a cold compress to your cheek.

Is your toothache extremely severe? If your tooth pain is so severe that it prevents you from biting down or sleeping, or if over-the-counter painkillers aren’t helping reduce the pain, seek immediate emergency dental treatment.


2. Dislodged Tooth

If your tooth has been dislodged, you must retrieve it and seek immediate treatment. Remember: your tooth as a higher chance of being saved if your dentist can replace it in the socket within 1 hour of it being knocked out.

While you are waiting to see your dentist, make sure to:

  • Hold it by the crown (NEVER by the root)
  • Rinse it gently
  • Try to place it back in the socket but DO NOT push.
  • If it doesn’t slip back into place, put the tooth in a small container with a little milk.
  • Bring the tooth with you to your emergency dentist

Time is of the essence: With a dislodged tooth, time is of the essence. If you are unable to reach an emergency dentist, go to an alternate emergency facility, such as the emergency room.


3. Dental Abscess

A dental abscess is an infection around the root of your tooth or in the space between your gums and teeth. This is a very serious condition that can damage your surrounding teeth and tissue, and without treatment, the infection can spread to other parts of your body.

What you need to do: If you have a pimple-like swelling on your gum, schedule an appointment with your dentist. While waiting, you can ease the pain by rinsing your mouth with a mild salt water solution several times a day.


4. Facial Swelling

Do you have facial swelling? This is a serious dental condition that could indicate a tooth, bone, or gum infection, and it requires immediate care by an emergency dentist. Remember: These types of conditions only get worse without treatment, so don’t ignore it.

If you have severe facial swelling, you should:

  • Stay upright. Try not to lie completely flat, even while you’re sleeping.
  • See your dentist right away. If you delay, the infection can spread and cause serious health issues.
  • Drink lots of fluids because dehydration during an infection can increase your risk of developing complications.


Have a Dental Emergency? Dr. Korol Can Help

Whatever your dental emergency, it is always imperative that you seek care straight away to avoid any oral and general health complications. To find out more about our dental emergency treatment, and how our holistic dentists can protect your oral and overall well-being, contact our Calgary dental clinic at 403-245-9099 or book an appointment.

Alternatively, you can find our clinic at 1333 8 St SW #1001, Calgary, AB T2R 1M6.

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