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4 Reasons Your Dentist Might Suggest a Tooth Extraction

Are you suffering from severe tooth damage or an impacted wisdom tooth? Here are four reasons why your Calgary family dentist might suggest you undergo a tooth extraction.

A tooth extraction is a dental treatment during which a tooth is removed from its socket. At Dr. Korol Dental clinic, our family dentists have extensive experience in performing dental extractions, including wisdom tooth removals. 

Our main goal is to preserve your teeth. However, if it cannot be avoided, we make sure that the tooth extraction procedure is as comfortable and painless as possible for our patients. 

In certain cases, a tooth extraction can help: 

  • Relieve pain and discomfort 
  • Reduce swelling caused by impacted wisdom teeth 
  • Ensure better orthodontic treatment outcomes 
  • Stop the spread of infection caused by an abscess 

Our Calgary Family Dentists Provide Safe and Effective Tooth Extractions

At Dr. Korol Dental clinic, we are committed to providing our patients with comfortable, safe, and convenient holistic dentistry services. From wisdom tooth extractions and emergency dental services to sedation dentistry and implants, we can help you achieve and maintain optimal oral and overall health. 

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4 Reasons Why Your Family Dentist Might Suggest a Tooth Extraction 

Tooth extraction is often the last option for dental treatment, as your family dentist will likely do everything in their power to help you preserve your natural teeth. However, in cases where you require emergency dental care for tooth trauma, have wisdom tooth pain, or severe oral decay, tooth extraction may be your best option. 

Here are four reasons why your family dentist might suggest a tooth extraction: 

1. Irreparable Tooth Damage Due to Decay 

This occurs when the tooth decay reaches the centre of the tooth (the pulp). The bacteria produced by the decay can invade the pulp and cause an infection, in which case a root canal procedure may help. However, if the infection is severe, an extraction might be required to keep the infection from spreading. 

Our Dentists Provide Safe and Comfortable Tooth Extractions

Our Calgary dentists will examine your affected tooth and recommend the best dental option. Whether it’s a root canal, tooth extraction, or any other dental treatment, we will ensure the safest, most comfortable, and painless procedure. 

2. You Have an Impacted Tooth 

A tooth is impacted when it is blocked from emerging, or when the gums do not fully erupt, preventing the tooth from coming out. This is typically the case for wisdom teeth. Your dentist may suggest a wisdom tooth extraction to: 

  • Eliminate any pain or discomfort
  • Lower your risk of infection 
  • Prevent overcrowding 
  • Prevent damage to the surrounding teeth 

Sedation Dentistry and Wisdom Tooth Removal 

We offer sedation dentistry services to help patients avoid any pain, anxiety and discomfort during the wisdom tooth extraction procedure.

Our highly experienced dentists have special training in sedation and extractions that will allow you to remain comfortable during the procedure and remember little to nothing about it afterwards.



3. You Have Periodontal Disease

The early stage of gum disease is referred to as gingivitis and it can typically be treated by removing the bacteria during a deep dental cleaning. Visiting your dentist regularly will ensure this is easily caught and treated before it spreads. 

However, as gum disease progresses, the damage becomes much more severe and this may lead to symptoms such as: 

  • Painful tooth sensitivity to food and air
  • Bad breath that won’t go away
  • Red or swollen gums
  • Painful chewing 
  • Tender or bleeding gums 

Loose Teeth and Periodontal Disease

Bacteria can also gather in these pockets and start to attack your tooth and roots. If the infection spreads into your bone structure, your teeth and jawbone can become weaker.

In some instances, periodontal disease may result in the loosening of a tooth, and when this happens, tooth extraction is a possible solution.

4. You’ve Experienced Trauma to Your Teeth 

When an accident or injury happens and the patient requires emergency dental care, the first option is to always preserve the affected tooth/teeth. In many cases, dental bonding, veneers, or crowns may be recommended. These can be excellent solutions for teeth that are: 

  • Chipped
  • Cracked
  • Discoloured 

Our family dentists provide top-notch solutions for damaged teeth, including porcelain veneers and crowns, to help restore your oral health and the appearance of your smile. However, if the damage is very severe and other treatments cannot help save the tooth, an extraction may be necessary. 

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