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4 Signs It's Time to Switch to a Holistic Dentist

Calgarians are becoming more aware of the key connection between oral and overall health, and the importance of taking a holistic approach to dental care. From promoting your total well-being to using the most biocompatible materials, here’s why you should consider opting for holistic dentistry services

Holistic dentists aim to treat your whole body, not just your mouth, and although they will perform the same procedures as your traditional dentist, such as teeth cleanings and filling cavities, holistic dentists use the most biocompatible materials and they’ll consider how each procedure affects your body. 

In addition to this, your holistic dentist will also take into consideration your: 

  • Lifestyle
  • Diet
  • Emotional and mental health 

Using this information, your holistic dentist will provide a wide range of procedures, including preventive, periodontal, and gum disease treatment, emergency care, biological dentistry services, and dental implants

Comprehensive, Safe, and Affordable Holistic Dentistry in Calgary 

At Dr. Korol Dental, we offer a wide range of comprehensive and holistic dental services to help optimize your oral and overall health. From safe mercury removal to biocompatible dentistry and dental cleanings, we provide comprehensive oral care that meets your unique needs. 

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Why You Should Switch to a Holistic Dentist 

Holistic dentists are dental specialists who focus on treating your entire body, starting with the mouth. When a person exhibits poor oral care, then the rest of their body faces increased health risks. If you are looking for a more comprehensive approach to your oral and overall health care, then you might want to consider switching to a holistic dentist. 

Here are some of the top benefits of doing so: 

1. They Understand the Mouth-Body Connection 

Holistic dentists understand that any procedure they perform on your teeth will have lasting effects on the rest of your body. They also understand that whatever is happening in your body (be it negative or positive) will have consequences for your oral health. 

Due to this understanding, your holistic dentist is more likely to take the time to tailor your dental treatment around several factors, including your: 

  • Diet 
  • General health and lifestyle
  • Mental and emotional health 

They will use these considerations to determine the best approach for both your dental health and your overall well-being. 

2. They Practice Integrative Medicine 

Holistic dentists often take a fuller approach to oral care and combine both traditional dentistry with other therapies in dental practice. A major focus for holistic dentists is the nature of the relationship between the structures of the teeth, jaw, head, and neck. 

3. They Use Biocompatible Materials 

Your holistic dentist will ensure that any materials used on your teeth or gums is biocompatible, meaning that it is not harmful to any living tissue. For example, they will use composite resin fillings instead of amalgam ones to fill cavities, or use titanium dental implants that bond with your jawbone naturally. 

4. They Use Minimally Invasive Treatments 

One of the main goals of holistic dentists is to provide high quality oral care that is minimally invasive and that allows you to keep your natural teeth for longer. They achieve this in several different ways, including: 

  • Replicating the natural structure of your tooth instead of replacing it
  • Using different therapies to stop bacteria from forming 
  • Using a resin material to fill any parts of your tooth that may be missing 
  • Promoting a healthy diet and lifestyle to protect your oral health 

If you are looking for a more natural approach to dentistry, it’s time to make the switch from a traditional dentist to a holistic dentist who will consider all aspects of your health when determining which dental treatment is right for you. 

We Can Help You Achieve Optimal Oral and Overall Health 

If you want to learn more about our biocompatible dentistry services, and how our team of highly qualified holistic dentists can help you achieve excellent oral and overall well-being, contact our Calgary dental clinic at 403-245-9099 or book an appointment.


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