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4 Ways Regular Visits to Your Holistic Dentist May End Up Saving You Money

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Many patients put off visiting the dentist because they think it’s cheaper, but this could end up costing you a lot in the long run. Visiting your holistic dentist for regular checkups lowers your dental prices while protecting your oral health!

Many patients mistakenly believe that they can save money by skipping their regular visits to the dentist. However, while this may be cheaper in the short run, neglecting to see your dentist periodically can have some serious consequences for your oral and overall health, including:

  • Higher risk of tooth loss
  • Stained or discoloured teeth
  • Pain and discomfort
  • Higher risk of gum disease
  • Higher risk of other health issues, such as stroke and heart disease

Our Holistic Dentists Protect Your Oral and Overall Well-being

At Dr. Korol Dental Clinic, we understand that with increasingly busy schedules, it can be difficult to keep up with your regular dental checkups and cleanings. However, consistent visits to your Calgary dentist can make your long-term dental costs cheaper and they’ll ensure the upkeep of your oral and overall health.

We offer a wide range of holistic dentistry services, including safe mercury removal, Xeomin therapy, and teeth cleanings, to keep your smile bright and your body healthy.

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How Regular Visits To Your Holistic Dentist May Result in Cheaper Dental Prices

Many Canadians often put visiting the dentist on the backburner because they believe that by keeping up with their oral hygiene routine, they are doing all they can for their oral health. However, visiting your dentist every six months for a cleaning and checkup is much more important than you may have thought.

Although you may think of it as a way to lower your dental prices, the truth is that skipping these appointments might end up costing you a lot more in the long run. Here are 4 ways your holistic dentist can help save you money:

1. They Can Detect Gum Disease Early On

Every time you visit the dentist, they can look for early signs of gum disease and administer treatment before the condition has a chance to wreak havoc on your oral health. Without visiting your dentist, gum disease can become more severe and cause your gums to recede, which may result in tooth loss.

This means that you would need to spend more money on restorations and more extensive treatment, which may not be covered by your insurance.

2. Your Dentist Can Detect Oral Cancer Early

At the beginning of every checkup, your dentist should conduct an oral cancer screening. They will examine your neck, mouth, throat, and oral tissues for any abnormalities or signs of this disease. An early diagnosis may result in less aggressive and expensive treatment, which not only improves your quality of life, but also the overall 5 year survival rate.

3. Your Smile Will Stay Bright

Every time you visit your dentist for a professional cleaning, they can help eliminate any stains from foods and drinks such as coffee, red wine, soya sauce, and more. Without routine preventive care, your teeth may start to appear discoloured, causing you to need professional teeth whitening treatment.

Why not avoid the extra cost of cosmetic dental care with regular polishing? Not only will you save money, but your smile will always remain white and beautiful.

4. Regular Visits Will Ward Off Decay and Infection

No matter how good your oral hygiene routine is at home, there are hard-to-reach crevices in your mouth that simply cannot be reached with a regular toothbrush, making professional cleanings an important defense against cavities and decay.

A small cavity can be treated with a filing, but when the cavity gets bigger, it may compromise the strength and structure of your tooth, requiring the need for a ceramic crown. If the decay reaches the centre of your tooth, it can result in a tooth infection.

This problem often requires expensive and invasive treatment, such as root canal therapy or tooth extraction. At the end of the day, having your dentist identify and treat a simple cavity is the most effective option and it will help you avoid any severe discomfort.

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