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5 Incredible Benefits of Opting for Composite Dental Fillings

Are you experiencing severe tooth pain? Do you see a dark spot on a certain tooth? At our Calgary dental clinic, our holistic dentists offer biocompatible dental fillings to minimize any pain or discomfort you may have and restore your oral and overall health. 

Cavities can develop at any point in your life — even if you follow a strict dental hygiene routine at home! If left untreated, these small holes in your teeth can cause prolonged dental issues. That’s why recognizing signs of this problem and seeking help from your holistic dentist is so important. 

Here are some signs that you might require a dental filling: 

  • Toothache 
  • Pain when you bite or chew
  • Halitosis (bad breath)
  • Sensitivity to hot and cold food/drinks or sweet things 
  • The presence of a dark spot or hole in your tooth 

It’s important to book regular appointments with your holistic dentists because tooth decay may not even present any symptoms in its earliest stages. During a dental exam, your dentist can identify and treat these issues early on, preventing your need for more complex and expensive procedures down the road. 

Our Calgary Holistic Dentists Protect Your Oral and Overall Health 

At our Calgary dental clinic, our professional and experienced holistic dentists are dedicated to protecting your dental health while also enhancing your overall well-being. That’s why we only use the most biocompatible materials for all of our treatments, including composite dental fillings and digital X-rays, and offer safe mercury removal services to remove any amalgam fillings you may have. 

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5 Incredible Benefits of Composite Dental Fillings 

Composite resin dental fillings are becoming increasingly popular as an option for correcting any damage that results from tooth decay or cavities. Many holistic dentists recommend this option, not only because of its natural appearance but also because it doesn’t contain any mercury, which may cause long-term health problems for patients. 

Some of the added benefits of opting for composite dental fillings include: 

  1. Your natural tooth structure is preserved. One of the biggest benefits of composite fillings is that it doesn’t require as much of your tooth to be removed when compared to other types of fillings. In addition, once the filling has bonded with your natural tooth, your entire tooth will become stronger! On the other hand, amalgam fillings require a large amount of your natural tooth to be removed, which can weaken the overall structure of your tooth. (Amalgam vs Composite Dental Fillings)

  2. Improved appearance. Patients prefer composite fillings because they resemble the colour of natural teeth. Advanced technology allows your dentist to blend the colours even further to match the natural teeth in your mouth. This gives an improved aesthetic appearance and makes it difficult for anyone (except for your dentist) to tell the difference! (5 Reasons to Consider Mercury-Free Fillings)

  3. Protection for your natural teeth. Amalgam fillings are very prone to thermal stresses and will expand and contract when exposed to cold and hot temperatures. This can lead to the weakening of your teeth and even cracking. On the other hand, composite fillings have insulating properties and can offer a lot more protection for your teeth from hot or cold foods. This also decreases tooth sensitivity. 

  4. They can be used to fix chips and cracks in your teeth. The quick bonding, durable nature, and tooth-coloured appearance of composite fillings means that they can also be used to fix any chips or cracks in your teeth, leading to an improved aesthetic appearance and boosted oral health. 

  5. They can replace your amalgam fillings. If you have started to feel concerned about the possible health effects of your amalgam fillings, you can talk to your holistic dentist about replacing them with a composite resin filling. Not only will this protect your overall health, but it will also give your teeth a brighter and more pleasing appearance. (Top Reasons to Replace Your Amalgam Fillings)

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Do you have old amalgam fillings that you want to safely remove and replace? Are you suffering from a toothache or tooth sensitivity and require immediate dental care? At our Calgary dental clinic, our holistic dentists are always on hand to address any oral health care issues you may have and help you achieve and maintain total oral and overall well-being. To find out more, contact our clinic at 403-245-9099 or book an appointment.



Q. How long does a composite filling treatment take? While this can vary from patient to patient, most treatments take less than 60 minutes for each tooth. 

Q. How long do composite fillings last? In general, composite fillings will last between 10-12 years. However, in order to prolong their lifespan, you must take care of your teeth by brushing at least twice a day and flossing once a day. You should also consider cutting back on your alcohol intake and quit smoking. 

Q. What can I expect from the composite filling process? Your dentist will first prepare your teeth for the filling. After this, the composite filling will be placed in layers and a specialized light will be applied to harden each layer. Once this is completed, your dentist will shape the composite to fit the tooth. It will then be polished to prevent any staining and early wear-and-tear. 


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