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Benefits Of Sedation For Wisdom Teeth Removal

Wisdom teeth extraction is often an integral component of oral health care. However, this process can be unbearable for patients who are naturally anxious about visits to the dentist and those with a strong gag reflex. For these people, not even local anesthesia does the trick. They need a solution that completely erases all sensation. 

Sedation dentistry is that solution. While conscious, the sedated patient will be too drowsy to react to the dentist working on their teeth. When paired with local anesthesia, sedation allows the patient to painlessly sit through the process—with a shortened perception of time, too! Most patients who have been sedated do not remember many details of their tooth extraction. 

Our dentists at Dr. Korol Dental in southwest Calgary have all received special training in sedation dentistry and wisdom teeth extraction. Our honed practices guarantee a safe and comfortable tooth extraction procedure every time. If you feel your wisdom teeth are causing pain or crowding, schedule a dental exam at Dr. Koral Dental by calling 403-245-9099 or by filling in the online contact form. Visits to the dentist need not to be so scary with us!

Why You Should Consider Sedation Dentistry 

For some people who need to get their wisdom teeth removed, regular local anaesthetic is totally sufficient. For others, sedation dentistry is a solution worth considering. 

Here are some benefits of sedation dentistry: 

  • Removes gag reflex: A strong gag reflex can make a dentist’s job incredibly difficult, and it is not something that your average local anesthetic can neutralize. Sedation can minimize and even completely eliminate gag reflex, allowing the dentist to focus on tooth removal. 
  • Removes fear and anxiety: Some people are naturally scared of seeing the dentist (dentophobia). Yet, they still need the dentist to help them with their oral health care. Because the mere sight of the tools is enough to make them anxious, local anaesthetic is often not sufficient to calm them. Patients with dentophobia often choose sedation to make their dental visits manageable. Lowered consciousness and faster perception of time are excellent fear inhibitors. 
  • Allows for extensive dental procedure: Every visit to the dentist is different, even if the procedure is the same. A wisdom teeth extraction can be as short as 45 minutes but can also drag to a few hours or more. Sitting in the dentist’s chair for hours on end, even with freezing, is not exactly a pleasant experience. As such, moderation sedation can be considered to make particularly lengthy dental procedures more bearable for the average patient. 
  • Improves quality of care: The dentist works best when their patient is calm and comfortable. Light sedation can soothe an anxious patient, permitting the dentist to fully focus on their job without any distractions. 

Dental Sedation Is Safe And Effective 

Dental sedation is an excellent remedy for those apprehensive about dental procedures or even just regularly scheduled care. When used in conjunction with local anesthesia, dental sedation makes uncomfortable procedures like wisdom teeth extractions easy to manage and comfortable for the patient. Sedation removes gag reflex, fear and anxiety, and makes tedious procedures go faster. 

Dental sedation is a specialty at Dr. Korol Dental. Our dentists have relied on this technique to treat nervous patients for a decade—always to great effect and with minimal complications. If you are considering dental sedation for your next dental procedure at our southwest Calgary clinic, give us a call at 403-245-9099 or fill out our online contact form


Is dental sedation safe?
Dental sedation is usually safe. However, not everybody is a good candidate for dental sedation and people react to it differently. Always have a prolonged discussion with your dentist to see if you are a good fit for this procedure. 

Are there side effects to dental sedation?
The side effects depend on the form of sedation you receive, but they are rarely alarming. General side effects include drowsiness, headaches, nausea, and dry mouth. Have someone to drive you home after your appointment if you plan to be sedated.

How long does it take to recover from having my wisdom teeth removed? 
It can take up to 2 weeks before you fully recover from a wisdom teeth extraction. In the meantime, you should avoid intense physical activity, regularly rinse your mouth with saltwater, refrain from smoking and drinking alcohol, and eat soft or liquid food. 


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