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Everything You Need to Know About the Pola Teeth Whitening System

Are you feeling self-conscious about stained or discoloured teeth? Learn more about the Pola teeth whitening system we use at our Calgary dental clinic, and how we can help you achieve the bright and healthy-looking smile you’ve always wanted.

Are you feeling concerned about discoloured or stained teeth? Many circumstances can cause your teeth to become less white, and most of the time, the stains are ‘extrinsic’, affecting the tooth enamel alone, and can be corrected. Some of these causes include lifestyle habits and certain foods/drinks, such as: 

  • Smoking cigarettes/cigars
  • Red wine
  • Black tea
  • Coffee
  • Herbal tea 

What can you do to prevent staining? The best way to avoid extrinsic stains is to brush your teeth immediately after eating foods that can cause discolouration, and to make sure that you are brushing your teeth at least twice a day, and flossing at least once a day. Also, make sure to consume the above foods and beverages in moderation. 

Our Calgary Dentists Offer the Pola Teeth Whitening System to Help You Achieve the Bright Smile You’ve Always Wanted 

If you are worried about discoloured or stained teeth, our Calgary holistic dentists can help! We offer state-of-the-art teeth whitening treatments using the Pola teeth whitening system, which can be customized to your exact needs for long-lasting, safe, and natural-looking results. 

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Your Guide to the Pola Teeth Whitening System 

At our Calgary dental clinic, we offer our patients a teeth whitening solution that will brighten their smile in as little as 30 minutes. The Pola teeth whitening system has an advanced formulation that works immediately and is much faster than many other teeth whitening products on the market. 

How Does the Pola Teeth Whitening System Work? 

With the Pola teeth whitening system, patients have an option between three different types of whitening: 

  • Over-the-counter
  • Take-home whitening treatments from your dentist
  • Professional teeth whitening treatments offered by your dentist 

When this teeth whitening product is applied to the surface of your teeth, it’s broken down into water and oxygen ions. The oxygen ions then enter the enamel and destroy the molecules responsible for the staining by breaking them down. What’s left of the stained molecules are removed naturally from the tooth by your saliva. 

Whitening Strengths: Main Difference Between the Whitening Categories 

The main difference between the above three categories is the amount of hydrogen peroxide they all contain. The products can range from as little as three per cent to 37.5 per cent, and the amount of active ingredient dictates the strength of the product and the duration required to apply it to your tooth to achieve the desired whitening effect. 

Why You Should Visit Your Dentist for a Teeth Whitening Procedure

Generally, the more active ingredients the product contains, the more effective it will be. However, keep in mind that above a certain strength requires a dentist to apply and remove the whitening product. 

Faster and More Effective Results: The in-office teeth whitening products contain comparatively more of the active ingredient to help you achieve a more effective and faster whitening effect. These products must be administered by a dentist to ensure patient safety. 


What Results Can I Expect? 

As with any cosmetic treatment, the results will vary between individual patients. It will depend on a number of factors including the style of treatment you choose, the strength of formulation, and the colour of your existing smile. Your dentist will be able to guide you through the different levels of colouring to help you achieve beautiful and natural-looking results.

We Can Help You Achieve a Beautiful and Bright Smile

If you are feeling self-conscious about a lacklustre smile, our Calgary dentists can help! We can customize a Pola teeth whitening treatment to suit all your specifications and needs, giving you the most natural-looking, long-lasting, and excellent teeth whitening results. 

To find out more, contact our Calgary dental clinic at 403-245-9099 or fill in our online contact form.


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