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Is It Safe To Remove My Mercury Fillings?

Is It Safe To Remove My Mercury Fillings?

Did you know that silver dental fillings contain about 50% mercury? Did you also know that mercury is a toxic element? Filling cavities is a common dental procedure that many people have experienced. For many years, fillings were commonly made from a mix of silver, mercury, and other metals which were once considered safe. But today their use is debated due to the risk of mercury poisoning. Dentists have used these fillings for more than 150 years, but recent studies have raised questions about the effects of these mercury fillings on patient health, and many dentists have opted to stop offering this type of dental filling. These dentists are now opting to replace patients' mercury fillings with safe resin fillings.

Removing Mercury Fillings

Why Mercury Fillings May Be Bad For Your Health
Mercury is liquid at room temperature and is one of the only metals with this property. When mixed with powdered metal alloys, it creates a very strong, flexible filling that is soft enough to press into a tooth cavity. This type of filling has been popularly used since the 19th century, however, the fact remains that mercury is a toxic substance that can cause an array of negative health effects. Some studies have linked the small levels of toxins released by the mercury filling to long-term brain damage. It has also been shown that mercury poisoning in women can affect unborn children causing birth defects and other serious developmental issues. 

Safe Mercury Filling Removal
Due to the known adverse health effects from mercury fillings, many patients are opting to only receive resin for new fillings or have their current mercury fillings safely replaced with resin. Only a well-trained and experienced dentist can remove mercury fillings safely to avoid increasing your exposure levels. At Dr. Korol Dental, our dentists are committed to providing the most biocompatible treatments available in our mercury-free office to protect our patient's health. Our mercury-free fillings can be colour-matched to your natural tooth, do not contain toxic elements, and safely bond to the tooth to reduce the risk of a fracture or breakage. 

Health Benefits After Mercury Filling Removal
Many patients with mercury fillings have complained about headaches, fatigue, muscle and joint pain, and lack of concentration. After the removal of mercury fillings, patients noticed a significant reduction in their health concerns. Although mercury fillings are still used today, the negative health effects should not be ignored. If you are in need of a dental filling or already have a mercury filling, explore other dental filling options with your dentist such as composite resin fillings that do not risk or cause harm to your overall health.

Safe Mercury Filling Removals Calgary

Although mercury fillings are approved for use by dentists, they can be dangerous for your long-term health. At Dr.Korol Dental, we do not put our patients' health at risk and only provide resin-based fillings that are environmentally friendly and eliminate the risk of mercury exposure. Our team is committed to ensuring the health and safety of our patients while providing them with a healthy smile. 

Dr. Korol Dental is a leading holistic and biocompatible dental practice in Calgary that offers safe mercury filling removals, dental cleanings, emergency dentistry, and more. Dr. Korol has the experience and expertise to evaluate your teeth to safely replace your existing mercury fillings with composite resin fillings and can determine if you require other dental restoration services to give you the best smile possible. To learn more about dental fillings, contact our clinic by calling 1-403-245-9099, or by filling out our online contact form


Q: How often should I visit the dentist for a dental cleaning?
A:  The Canadian Association of Dentistry recommends patients visit their dentist once every six months.

Q: How long do resin fillings last?
A: Composite resin fillings typically last up to ten years.

Q: What are composite resin fillings?
A: Resin fillings are made up of a mixture of plastic and glass or quartz filler and are a popular option for filling cavities due to their natural, practically invisible look.


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