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New To Invisalign? Tips For Adjusting To Your New Aligners

New To Invisalign? Tips For Adjusting To Your New Aligners

You have taken your first step towards straighter teeth and a more confident smile by using the Invisalign treatment. But this is only the beginning. You will be spending the next few months wearing and adjusting to your aligners, which can change up your daily routine a bit. You will have to get used to caring for your aligners correctly as well as remembering to always wear them and put them back on every time you eat. These adjustments may sound simple at first, however, it can be easy to neglect and forget about your Invisalign aligners. To get the most optimal results out of your treatment, follow along with some of these tips and tricks to ensure you are left with a healthy and straight smile at the end of your treatment.

How To Adjust To Aligners

Change Your Trays On Time

Every two weeks or so, you will be required to change out your trays. The new trays help your teeth straighten out a bit more than the previous ones to help you get closer and closer to having a straight smile. By the time you are wearing your final trays, you will have a completely new smile. Your dentist will have you on a customized schedule to ensure you maintain steady progress throughout your treatment. It is critical that you adhere to this schedule accordingly to achieve optimal results on your projected end of treatment date. That means if you are planning on going on vacation or will be away from home for a while, you must remember to bring all of your trays that you will have to swap in order to follow along with your treatment schedule. Missing a tray change by even a few days can set you back in your overall treatment. Therefore, always remember to bring your current trays as well as the trays you will need to switch to in the future wherever you go. 

Protect Your Tongue

Your teeth are not the only things that will need to get used to your new Invisalign aligners. The plastic edges on the aligners can cause sores and irritation on your tongue at first and sometimes with every new tray change. Your tongue will eventually toughen up and get used to the aligners, however, in the beginning stages of your treatment it can be beneficial to use Invisalign wax to cover sharp edges and rough spots on the aligners. Your dentist will be able to provide you with wax to help you adjust to your aligners. To use the wax, take a small pinch of it and roll it between your fingers before applying it to your Invisalign trays in your mouth. You only need to apply the wax to areas of the aligners that feel sharp or are causing some discomfort. Another option is to have a bottle of peroxide-based mouthwash as it is specially formulated to heal minor oral irritations.

Keep Track Of Your Daily Wear Time

It will be a little difficult adjusting to your new lifestyle with Invisalign. You will have to take them out often to eat or snack, but it is important that you remember to put them back in your mouth. If patients are not diligent about meeting the recommended wear time of 22 hours per day, it can cause problems and set your end of treatment date back even further. There are several apps to download that can help you keep track of your daily wear time and remind you of when you need to change out your trays. Invisalign is not the same as braces where you do not have to worry about changing trays and wearing them long enough during the day and night. You are a big factor in whether or not your Invisalign treatment is successful or not, so remember to always change your trays on time and adhere to wearing them at least 22 hours per day. 

Keep Your Invisalign Trays Clean

It is unrealistic to remove Invisalign trays every time you go to take a sip of coffee or enjoy a glass of white wine. However, try not to make it a habit. It is still essential that you remove your trays for everything you eat or drink excluding water. If you do not, your Invisalign trays can compound bacteria and stains causing bad breath and the appearance of a stained smile. When you notice your trays getting a little dirty, make sure you clean them as soon as possible. Your dentist will go over cleaning requirements and how to correctly clean your aligners without damaging them when you first begin your treatment. 

Remove Your Aligners Safely

Stay safe and sanitary every time you remove your aligners with the help of a tool called OrthoKey. This tool is small enough to fit in your aligner case so you always have it handy every time you need to remove your aligners to eat or drink. As your treatment progresses, your trays will get tighter and tighter which means it will be more difficult to fish them out with just your fingers. An OthroKey can pop your aligners out like a breeze so you do not have to worry about breaking a nail trying to remove them with your fingers.

Take The Step Towards A Healthy And Straight Smile With Invisalign Calgary

There are many reasons why people opt for Invisalign treatments over braces. Treatments are generally shorter and Invisalign provides patients with the confidence knowing that the aligners are invisible and cannot be seen by others, unlike braces. Invisalign treatments are only successful if you are willing to take care of them correctly and adhere to your dentist's schedule in regards to when you need to change out your trays. As you embark on your journey to achieving a straight smile, strive to establish a good personal routine that includes good hygiene and habits that you can maintain.

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Q: How often should I visit the dentist for a dental cleaning?
A: The Canadian Association of Dentistry recommends patients visit their dentist once every six months.

Q: How long is the average Invisalign treatment?
A: On average, Invisalign treatment time is 12-18 months depending on your specific needs. 

Q: Is an Orthodontist the only person who can offer Invisalign treatments?
A: No they are not. Dentists are also able to offer their patients Invisalign treatments to help straighten their smiles.

What Sets Us Apart

What Sets Us Apart

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