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Teeth Straightening Options in Calgary: Invisalign

There’s a reason Invisalign is a popular orthodontic treatment for patients in Calgary. Invisalign® has numerous benefits that enhance both a smile and a patient’s confidence during orthodontic treatment. No longer a new kid on the block, Invisalign® has been helping to create beautiful smiles and healthy bites since 1999. It has remained one of the leading teeth straightening systems.

Invisalign®’s benefits include:

  • Invisible treatment
  • Its convenient nature, which makes it an ideal treatment option for busy adults
  • Comfortable and BPA-Free aligners
  • A convenient treatment process

Invisalign Lets Your Calgary Dentist Straighten Your Teeth Without Braces

Often referred to as ‘clear aligners’ or ‘invisible braces’ – Invisalign® moves teeth into straighter and healthier positions.  The added benefit? It does so invisibly.

Invisalign®’s aligners blend patient’s tooth colour, making them barely visible. This makes Invisalign a great option for both teenagers and adults with professional and social lives. There’s no hiding behind a hand or smiling with closed lips – Invisalign® gives the freedom and efficiency to create a person’s best smile.

A consultation with your Calgary dentist can start you on a treatment plan that aligns your smile--without anyone else noticing.

Invisible Aligners Are Perfect For Teens and Adults

A decade ago it was pre-teens and teenagers who ruled the world of orthodontics; but that has all changed thanks to products like Invisalign®.

With Invisalign®, Calgary adults don’t have to make the choice between extensive, visible hardware and settling for misaligned teeth. The clear aligners are also ideal for more self-conscious teenagers who do not wish to wear conventional braces. 

Invisalign offers:

  • A discreet presence
  • Removability
  • A customized treatment plan that factors in non-wear time

What's more, the fact that Invisalign is removable makes it easy for patients to brush and floss their teeth as usual. This can help insure that their smile stays healthy and beautiful over the course of the entire treatment. 

Aligner Trays Are Comfortable And BPA-Free

Invisalign®’s level of customization translates to a high level of comfort.  Each aligner has been specifically designed to activate the required amount of tooth movement during the various stages of treatment. This ensures that a patient’s orthodontic treatment progresses as planned, comfortably. The fact that Invisalign®’s trays are BPA-free provides a second level of comfort.  For many of our patients in Calgary, Invisalign®'s more environmentally and health friendly status is greatly reassuring.

Invisalign®'s Treatment Plan Offers A Preview Of The Final Result

Patients at our Calgary Dentists’ office love that with Invisalign®, they can see the projected end of their treatment before it begins. This computer-generated simulation can address any questions patients may have about final tooth position and smile esthetics.

This makes the decision to straighten teeth much less complicated. When patients know what to expect, the treatment becomes an exciting time that allows them to look forward to their new smile and improved oral health.

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Whether it’s brushing and flossing teeth without the need to maneuver around brackets, correcting crooked teeth and bad bites, or being able to remove an aligner for a special occasion - Invisalign® is a straightening system that gives patients plenty of reasons to smile. Book a consultation at our Calgary dentist office, or call us at 403-245-099, to determine whether Invisalign is the right option for you.


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