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The Difference Between Holistic and Traditional Dentistry

In today’s blog we will outline the main differences between traditional and holistic dentistry, and how the latter can provide you with a healthier and safer option when it comes to your health, lifestyle, and well-being.

Are you looking for a dental professional that recognizes and values the relationship between the health of your mouth, with the health of the rest of your body?

Holistic dentistry is an innovative approach, that:

  • Considers both the oral and overall well-being of the patient
  • Only uses biocompatible and mercury-free dental materials
  • Removes toxic metals from the mouth, such as mercury, using specialized oral treatment protocols
  • Considers the long-term effects of your oral conditions, and the implications they may have on your overall health.

Achieve Total Body Health With Our Holistic Dentistry Services in Calgary

Holistic dentistry places great emphasis on patients’ life and well-being, starting from the mouth. If you’re looking for oral treatments that use only the most natural and safest materials, and that takes care of your complete health, from head to toe, then you may want to consider visiting a holistic dentist today.

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What’s The Difference Between Holistic and Traditional Dentists?

If you’re deciding whether or not holistic dentistry is right for you, it’s important to understand that all dentists, whether traditional or holistic, are trained in the same methods, at the same dental schools.

The difference? Those that embrace the holistic dentistry method typically seek to advance their knowledge of alternative dentistry techniques. Such education, for a holistic dentist, is a crucial and important part of patient care.

Holistic vs Traditional Dentists

The main difference between traditional and holistic dentistry is the approach taken when treating patients.

A traditional dentist will:

  • Treat a patient’s oral symptoms when they become an unavoidable problem.
  • Attempt to prevent such problems from happening again. 

A holistic dentist will:

  • Focus on preventative care and treat the underlying problem that causes the symptoms in the mouth.
  • Always keep in mind the impact oral treatments have on patients’ overall health and make every effort to prevent any adverse effects on your well-being.

Choosing Between a Holistic and Traditional Dentist

When choosing between a holistic and traditional dentist, you must do your research and remain very aware of what the oral healthcare professional is saying. A true holistic dentist will discuss treatments revolving around your entire body, and will always talk about the role of your dental health in your overall well-being. 


Main Areas of Difference Between Traditional and Holistic Dentists

To help you further understand the difference between traditional and holistic dentists, here are some of the key areas in which their practices differ.

  1. Use of amalgam fillings -  Holistic dentists understand that mercury is a toxic material, and will never use amalgam fillings. In addition, they meet the safety guidelines for mercury amalgam removal.

  2. Root Canal Alternatives - Instead of suggesting a root canal treatment immediately, holistic dentists may use ozone therapy to sterilize the root canal of bacteria or suggest root canal alternatives.

  3. Fluoride Use - Holistic dentists are against the use of fluoride in the ingested and topical form, and may also argue against fluoridating water. 

  1. Emphasis on biocompatible materials - The root belief or concern of holistic dentists is that whatever goes into your mouth will affect your entire body. That’s why they will only use biocompatible materials for their treatments. (Read More)

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