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Understanding Safe Mercury Fillings Removal

Understanding Safe Mercury Fillings Removal

A dental filling is an effective treatment to restore the function and appearance of a decayed tooth一usually due to cavities. 

However, many dentists in Canada continue to use inexpensive amalgam or silver fillings, which contain highly toxic mercury. This makes daily activities like brushing your teeth and drinking beverages risky, as they can release mercury vapour in your mouth. Exposure to mercury can result in a range of health issues, including autoimmune diseases.

Given the dangers of mercury fillings, more and more Canadians are opting to have them removed and replaced with ceramic or composite resin fillings. These biocompatible fillings are just as effective and do not endanger your health in any way. 

If you have mercury fillings in your mouth, you could be at risk of mercury poisoning. Dr. Korol at Dr. Korol Dental is a SMART-certified (Safe Mercury Amalgam Removal Technique) biocompatible dentist with a long history of successfully removing mercury fillings in Calgary patients. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Korol today.

The Dangers Of Amalgam Or Mercury Fillings 

Though mercury fillings are commonly used to restore cavity-damaged teeth, they pose a health hazard. These filings are at their most dangerous when you are doing activities that may release mercury vapour, such as brushing your teeth or drinking hot liquid. 

The effects of mercury poisoning include:

  • Autoimmune diseases
  • Tremors
  • Impaired vision and hearing
  • Paralysis
  • Insomnia
  • Kidney problems 
  • Fatigue 

Mercury is especially dangerous to children and pregnant women, as it can cause development problems and birth complications respectively. 

Should Amalgam Or Mercury Fillings Be Removed?

Some dentists will advise against replacing your mercury fillings if they are in good condition. Intact fillings have a relatively low chance of releasing mercury, so the benefits of removing them may be minimal. Additionally, removal may entail the loss of healthy tooth structure as well as the accidental release of mercury. 

As such, many dentists will only recommend removing your mercury fillings if they begin to deteriorate. That is when exposure is most likely. If you are thinking of replacing the mercury fillings in your mouth, speak with a SMART-certified dentist to determine the best time to remove them一or whether they should be removed in the first place. 

How Amalgam Or Mercury Fillings Removal Work

Mercury can be dangerous to your dentist as well. Dentists qualified to remove mercury fillings follow a strict procedure called the SMART method. SMART allows your fillings to be removed while minimizing the threat of mercury exposure to both you and your dentist. 

Here are the steps of the SMART method:

Make sure the room is well-ventilated: Your procedure will take place in a well-ventilated room. This is to reduce the concentration of mercury in the air as your dentist works on your fillings. 

Protective equipment for everybody: In addition to protective gowns and coverings, your dentist, as well as their assistants, will be wearing respiratory masks, face shields, hair coverings, and surgical gloves. You will be wearing protective equipment as well, including a nasal mask to make you breathe through your nose, a saliva ejector to reduce exposure to mercury in your mouth, and a dental dam to prevent the substance from going down your throat. 

Drilling out the mercury fillings: A small-diameter carbide drill will be used to remove the mercury fillings in chunks. Sectional removal minimizes the risk of mercury release. During the removal, an evacuation device will be in place to safely capture and dispose of the mercury discharge. Multiple jets of water will be applied to your fillings to further lower ambient mercury levels. 

Cleaning up: After removing your mercury fillings, your dentist will thoroughly flush your mouth with water and possibly activated charcoal and chlorella. All protective equipment and tools will either be safely disposed of or sanitized. 

Mercury fillings removal can be an involved process, and not every dentist is trained to do it. That is why the removal is only recommended when your dentist expects a reasonable risk of mercury poisoning in your mouth. 

Mercury Fillings Removal In Calgary 

Are you worried about your mercury fillings? Dr. Korol at Dr. Koral Dental can help. An accomplished biocompatible dentist with SMART certification, Dr. Korol is your Calgary authority on dental fillings. Dr. Korol can carefully inspect your mercury fillings and help you determine whether removal is the right choice for you. Having safely removed mercury fillings for many years, Dr. Korol has the experience and the knowledge to perform this procedure. Start a conversation with Dr. Korol today by calling 403-245-9099 or filling out the online contact form. 


Q: What kind of dental fillings will you use to replace my mercury fillings?
A: At Dr. Korol dental, we only use biocompatible fillings, such as porcelain and composite resin fillings.

Q: How much does it cost to remove my mercury fillings?
A: The cost of the procedure depends largely on the size of the mercury filling that needs to be removed. An examination should allow us to give you a cost estimate. 

Q: What is biocompatible dentistry?
A: Dentists practising biocompatible dentistry avoid using harmful and toxic materials such as mercury, fluoride, and certain metals that are often used by other dentists. Biocompatible solutions only use organic products or materials that are otherwise not harmful to the body.


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