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What To Do When You Have a Dental Emergency

You never know when disaster will strike for your teeth. Here’s everything you need to know about emergency dental care in Calgary and how our dentists can help restore your oral health as quickly as possible.

Dental emergencies can happen to anyone and given that any injury/damage to the teeth and/or gums can have potentially grave consequences, it’s important to visit a dentist as soon as possible.

Ignoring a dental emergency can lead to:

  • permanent damage
  • tooth loss
  • more extensive and expensive treatment later on
  • lower quality of life

Emergency Dental Care in Calgary Whether you’re suffering from a broken tooth or a lost filling, our Calgary dentist can provide emergency dental care at affordable prices to quickly and safely restore the function and aesthetics to your smile. Don’t put off your treatment for another day!

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6 Types of Dental Emergencies

If you’re currently experiencing tooth pain or discomfort, it may mean that it’s time to seek emergency dental care from an oral healthcare professional. Not sure if your problem is an emergency? Here are 6 types of dental emergencies and the simple steps you can take to minimise your discomfort before you see the dentist:

1. Bitten Lip/Tongue: If you have accidentally bitten your lip and/or tongue, it’s important to clean the area immediately and apply an ice pack to reduce any swelling or pain. If the bleeding doesn’t stop, visit your dentist as quickly as possible.

2. Broken Tooth: Keep any pieces of the broken tooth safe and rinse your mouth gently with warm water. A cold compress can help reduce any swelling or pain until you can receive emergency dental care. 

3. Knocked Out Tooth: You must be very careful when handling the tooth as you don’t want to damage any attached tissue. Hold the tooth by the crown and place it back in the socket or hold it between your cheek and gums. If you can’t put it in your mouth, bathe the tooth in whole milk. This situation requires IMMEDIATE dental emergency care so get to the dentist straight away. If you get help in 10-30 minutes, there is a chance your tooth can be saved. 

4. Lost Dental Filling/Crown: If your dental filling is damaged, seal the area with a piece of sugarless gum or over-the-counter dental cement. If your crown has come loose, try hold it in place with dental cement. 

5. Dental Abscess: If you notice any painful, pimple-like swellings on your gum, rinse your mouth with warm salt water and immediately contact an emergency dentist.

6. Mouth Injury: In the event of an open wound inside your mouth (laceration or other trauma), clean the area with warm water and apply pressure to the affected area. Contact your dentist to discuss what further action needs to be done.


Emergency Dental Care


Why It’s Important To Visit Your Dentist For Emergency Dental Care

Having access to an emergency dentist can be extremely beneficial for your oral and overall health and while some patients may put off treatment out of worry of high dental prices, this may actually result in higher long-term dental fees and more serious health consequences.

Some of the benefits of seeing an emergency dentist include:

  • tooth loss prevention
  • pain relief
  • lower long-term dental fees
  • prevention of any dental infections
  • improved aesthetic appearance

REMEMBER: With any dental emergency, prompt treatment is key. Waiting too long to seek help from the dentist or neglecting your condition can lead to serious oral and general health problems down the road.


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