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Why Opting for a Holistic Dentistry Approach is so Important

Today, more and more patients are realizing how important it is to take a more holistic approach to their dental care. Here’s why you should visit our Calgary dental clinic and how our team of holistic dentists can help you achieve total well-being.

The connection between oral and general health isn’t much discussed. However, research shows that oral health has a greater impact on your overall well-being than you may realize. Working with a holistic dentist to take care of your teeth will not only improve your dental health, but it will also enhance the health of your whole body. 

Holistic dentistry recognizes that if you neglect your teeth, or use dentistry treatments that are not biocompatible, such as amalgam fillings, you could be setting yourself up for serious health problems in the future. 

Poor dental health and gum disease can: 

  • Increase your risk for heart attacks or strokes
  • Lead to endocarditis 
  • Increase diabetic complications
  • Result in pneumonia 
  • Increase pregnancy complications 

Our Comprehensive Holistic Dentistry Services Help You Achieve Total Body Wellness

At the Dr. Korol Dental clinic, our team of passionate and highly trained holistic family dentists aim to provide a more natural and preventive approach to dental medicine. We place huge importance on our patients’ overall health, helping you achieve harmony and balance within your entire being. 

We are able to provide a range of biocompatible and holistic dentistry services for the whole family, including safe mercury removal, Xeomin therapy, and ceramic dentistry to help you achieve and maintain a healthy mouth and body. 

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Why Opting for a Holistic Dentistry Approach Is So Important 

There are many aspects of our well-being that can be impacted by our oral health, and the reverse is also true. Dental concerns can certainly have a strong effect on other areas of our health care. That’s why it’s so important to take a holistic approach to dentistry. 

Holistic dentists recognize this interconnectedness and look at all factors to provide a complete view of the causes of your poor oral health and your treatment options. 

Here’s why opting for a holistic dentistry approach is so important:

1. It Provides More Than Dental Care

A dentist who uses a holistic approach will take a much more active role in understanding the various elements of your lifestyle, and how they impact both your oral and overall health. This includes many different things that you might not typically associate with a normal conversation with your dentist, including a discussion of your: 

  • Diet
  • Exercise regimen 
  • Level of physical fitness and heart health 

Holistic dentistry will include an evaluation of these elements and your dentist can provide guidance and recommendations for you. 

In addition, a holistic approach looks at aspects of your lifestyle, such as excessive alcohol consumption or the use of tobacco, which may be negatively impacting your overall health. Your dentist can work with you to develop strategies to reduce and remove these harmful habits from your life. 

2. Works in Tandem With Other Health-Care Efforts

A holistic approach to your oral health recognizes the importance of considering other treatments or therapies you might be undergoing for issues related to your overall health. Certain medications or treatments can have side effects on your oral health, and these must be communicated to your holistic dentist. 

Why is this important? Your holistic dentist will regularly consult with you on your overall health to stay in tune with the progress of any other treatments you may be undergoing. This will ensure the best possible outcome for both treatments and reduce the risk of any complications. 

3. Offers Proactive Steps to Reduce Future Risks 

Another unique benefit to a holistic dentistry approach is the long-term thinking that goes into every aspect of your oral care. Everything, from the treatments and procedures to the materials and products used, is scrutinized to ensure the greatest benefit to the patient, now and in the future. 

Safe Mercury Removal 

A great example of this is the use of mercury amalgam in dental fillings. Holistic dentists do not use mercury amalgam in any of their treatments and take steps to remove and replace mercury fillings with more biocompatible restorations. 

When compared to amalgam fillings, these biocompatible restorations have many benefits, because they: 

  • Look more natural 
  • Are more durable and last longer 
  • Are less invasive 
  • Work to strengthen your tooth 
  • Are safer and won’t negatively impact your health 


If you are unsure if any previous fillings you’ve received may contain traces of mercury, you should seek the advice of a holistic dentist to begin the process of having them removed and replaced. 

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