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4 Benefits of Opting For Biocompatible Restorations

At our Calgary dental clinic, our holistic dentists are committed to promoting your oral and whole body health. Learn more about our biocompatible dentistry services and how we can help restore your dental health using the safest and most non-toxic materials.

One of the biggest issues in dentistry today revolves around the use of amalgam fillings because they contain mercury, a substance which has recently been linked to many health issues, including: 

  • Immune system disorders (e.g. allergies, asthma, eczema, and psoriasis) 
  • Neurological disease (e.g. anxiety, hearing loss, and memory loss) 
  • Reproductive disorders (e.g. infertility, birth defects, spontaneous abortions) 
  • Autoimmune disease (e.g. Parkinson’s, lupus, and diabetes) 

Although amalgam fillings have been used widely by dentists for many years due to their durability and affordability, it is more commonly understood today that they may come with disastrous health consequences. 

At Dr. Korol Dental clinic, we offer safer, more aesthetically pleasing biocompatible alternatives to such materials to help you achieve optimal oral health. 

Comprehensive Holistic Dentistry Services in Calgary 

Our team of Calgary holistic dentists are dedicated to taking a wider approach to patient dental care than just teeth and gums. That’s why we use only the safest, most biocompatible materials available and are proud to be a mercury-free and mercury-safe dental clinic. 

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Top Benefits of Biocompatible Restorations

For many years, metal restorations were a staple in dentistry. Gold, silver, and even mercury, all played a role in filling cavities, replacing lost teeth, and protecting damaged teeth. 

However, today, holistic dentists offer safer, more aesthetically pleasing biocompatible alternatives to such materials, such as composite resin and dental ceramic. 


Here are some of the benefits of opting for biocompatible restorations: 

  1. More natural appearance: Metal-free restorations are light in colour, which makes it easier to correct the shade to match any tooth. These restorations are highly attractive and not only look like natural teeth, but feel very natural as well.
  2. They are longer lasting: The durability and strength of metal-free materials offer long-lasting restoration and provide protection and strength for the natural tooth. Dental ceramic and porcelain are also very sturdy, which means that you can enjoy a beautiful and comfortable smile for many years to come.
  3. They are mercury-free. While benefits such as their natural appearance and durability alone make metal-free restorations appealing, it is the safety of them that remains one of the top reasons why both dentists and patients prefer metal-free restorations. These solutions are extremely biocompatible, eliminating any negative impacts on your dental and overall health.
  4. They can be used for all patients. Because of the elimination of mercury in metal-free restorations, these solutions are safe for all types of patients, which is especially important for young children and pregnant patients.

How to Enhance the Longevity of Your Biocompatible Restorations 

Their impressive longevity, combined with their other notable advantages, make biocompatible restorations far more superior compared to metal. However, in order to ensure that your restorations stand the test of time, you must be sure to: 

  • Practice good oral hygiene 
  • Wear a custom mouthguard when you play sports
  • Address any issues regarding grinding or clenching your teeth 
  • Not eat a lot of sticky and hard foods
  • Visit your holistic dentist regularly so that they can check your restorations and recommend replacements at the appropriate time


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Metal-free restorations are the holistic and health-friendly way to repair damaged or decayed teeth. To find out more about our biocompatible dentistry services and how our Calgary holistic dentists can help you achieve optimal oral and overall health, contact our Calgary dental clinic at 403-245-9099 or book an appointment.


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