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4 Tips for a Quick and Smooth Wisdom Tooth Extraction Recovery

Are you about to undergo a wisdom tooth extraction? Knowing how to take care of your mouth following this procedure is very important to ensure a comfortable, safe, and quick recovery. Here are some of the top wisdom tooth extraction recovery tips to follow. 

The third set of molars, wisdom teeth usually emerge between the ages of 17-25. In some cases, they can emerge without any problems and do not require removal. However, complications may arise if there is insufficient room for the wisdom teeth to emerge, causing them to become trapped in the jaw or resulting in crowding, pain, and pressure in the mouth. 

Some of the signs that you might require a wisdom tooth removal include: 

  • Pain in and around your wisdom teeth 
  • Jaw stiffness 
  • Wisdom tooth impaction (pain, swelling, tenderness, and damage to other teeth) 
  • Tooth decay and damage to nearby teeth 

If you have not had your wisdom teeth removed and you are suffering from any of the above symptoms, it’s important to visit your dentist as soon as possible. Remember, the sooner you act, the more likely it is that you will have a smoother wisdom tooth extraction and a faster recovery. 

Wisdom Tooth Extractions and Emergency Dental Care in Calgary 

At our Calgary dental clinic, our team of professional dentists can help determine whether you require a wisdom tooth extraction. We also offer comprehensive emergency dental services to help put an end to any pain or discomfort you might have and ensure you maintain optimal oral and overall health. 

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4 Tips for a Smooth Wisdom Tooth Extraction Recovery 

Because wisdom teeth tend to erupt much later in life compared to your other teeth, it means that there is often not enough room in your mouth to accommodate them. As a result, they can come in at a crooked angle, crowding your other teeth. They can even get ‘stuck’ in the jaw, causing pain and discomfort. 

Opting for a wisdom tooth extraction will not only eliminate any pain or discomfort you are experiencing but will also protect your teeth and oral health. 

If you are planning to undergo this procedure, here are some aftercare tips you should follow to ensure the fastest and most comfortable recovery: 

1. Make Sure You Rest 

It is recommended that you take the rest of the day off work following your wisdom tooth extraction. You’ll need plenty of rest to recover, so keep your activity to a minimum. You may also want to consider asking a trusted family member or friend to drive you to and from the procedure and stay with you for at least the first 24 hours. 

Avoid Strenuous Activities 

For the first few days following your tooth extraction, avoid any strenuous activity. Always talk to your dentist before returning to contact sports or other similar activities following your procedure. If you do want to exercise during your recovery, gentle walking is always the best option. 


2. Eat Soft Foods 

It is recommended that you stick to liquids immediately after your surgery. You can then gradually start on solid, soft foods, such as: 

  • Mash potatoes
  • Instant oatmeal 
  • Jell-O 
  • Smoothies or milkshakes (but avoid the straw) 
  • Soup 
  • Ice-cream 

For the first few days, you should also avoid eating anything that is too hot or spicy and you shouldn’t drink through a straw as this could lead to ‘dry sockets.’ 

3. Follow Your Dentist’s Post-Op Instructions 

Prior to your wisdom tooth extraction, your dentist will likely have provided you with a recovery plan that will help your healing period. These instructions should always be followed and may include: 

  • Taking prescription painkillers. This will reduce any pain or discomfort in the surgical area. If the pain is not subsiding gradually, then you should call your dentist. 
  • Using ice packs. After your surgery, you may experience some swelling around the mouth, cheeks, and sides of the face. This can be managed quite well using ice packs. 
  • Not touching the wound area. Avoid vigorous touching of the wound area or rinsing of the mouth because this could dislodge the blood clot that has formed in the socket. Your dentist may supply you with gauze to absorb any excess blood so make sure you wear it (and change it) often for the first 24 hours. 

Make sure you talk to your dentist prior to your wisdom extraction about what you can expect from the recovery period. They can give you a list of things you need to do before and after the surgery to ensure optimal healing. 


4. Use Tobacco 

Smoking or using any other tobacco products can slow down your healing and increase the risk of complications. Following your wisdom tooth removal, you should avoid smoking for at least the first 24 hours, but ideally, it should be for as long as possible. You must also avoid chewing tobacco for at least seven days. 

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Q. How long will it take to recover from a wisdom tooth extraction? In most cases, the healing period for a wisdom tooth extraction is three days. However, for some patients, it can take up to seven days to heal completely. 

Q. At what age should I opt for a wisdom tooth extraction? Wisdom teeth typically erupt between the ages of 17-25, which means that most people get these teeth extracted before they graduate high school. It’s important to remember that the longer you wait to remove your wisdom teeth, the higher your risk of developing complications, such as nerve damage. 

Q. When is it okay to keep my wisdom teeth? In some cases, your mouth has enough room to let your wisdom teeth erupt healthily. In such cases, they will not cause pain or damage to your surrounding teeth and do not need to be extracted.


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