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5 Incredible Benefits of Opting for Dental Bridges

Are you missing one or more teeth? At our Calgary dental clinic, our holistic dentists offer a range of tooth replacement solutions, including dental bridges and dental implants to help restore the beauty and health to your smile.

When you have a missing tooth or missing teeth, it can affect you in a number of ways. At our dental clinic, we offer a range of tooth replacement options, from dental implants to dental bridges at great prices that can help correct this issue and protect your oral health. 

Neglecting to see a dentist about a missing tooth can have many negative consequences, including: 

  • Increased risk of gum disease
  • Crooked or crowded teeth 
  • Bone loss in your jaw
  • Difficulty eating and speaking 
  • Aged appearance 

Quality and Affordable Dental Bridges at our Calgary Clinic 

Your smile is one of your most important features and our Calgary holistic dentists are committed to helping you keep it bright, healthy, and attractive. Our team can provide comprehensive dental crown and bridgework, and dental implants, to enhance your smile and improve your quality of life. 

We also offer a wide range of other services, including emergency dental care, Invisalign treatments, wisdom tooth removal, and more to meet all your oral health care needs. 

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5 Benefits of Opting for Dental Bridges 

On a day-to-day basis, gaps in your smile can make it difficult to speak, eat, or feel confident in your appearance. Dental bridge procedures offer an affordable and comprehensive solution for patients with missing teeth by filling in the empty space with a false tooth that looks and feels natural. 

Dental bridges work by placing a false tooth in the open space and anchoring it with crowns on the natural teeth or dental implants on both sides. 

Some of the great benefits of opting for dental bridges include: 

1. Restoration of an Attractive Smile

A smile that is both beautiful and healthy is priceless. Most patients feel more confident after a dental bridge procedure because they can restore the pleasing appearance to their teeth and smile, thereby improving their confidence and quality of life. 

2. Improved Chewing Ability 

After tooth loss, you may experience difficulty, or even pain, while eating your favourite foods. Food can also collect in the empty socket where you have lost your tooth and cause gum damage. A dental bridge treatment can help solve these issues and alleviate any pain that comes while eating. 

3. Maintenance of Your Face’s Natural Shape 

Once you lose a tooth, your jawbone starts to deteriorate. This is because tooth roots stimulate the bone cells in your jawbone and without this stimulation, your jawbone will start to deteriorate. Severe jawbone deterioration can lead to further tooth loss and facial collapse, which will affect the shape of your face and make you look older than you are. 

4. Enhanced Speaking Ability 

If you have lost multiple teeth, you may have difficulty pronouncing certain words or you may speak with a lisp. This is because your teeth play a vital role in how you form words in your mouth. Dental bridges can help resolve any speaking trouble caused by tooth loss, so you no longer have to feel self-conscious about your speech. 

5 Your Remaining Teeth Won’t Shift 

Your teeth are held in place by strong roots under the surface of your gums, but did you know that they are also held in place by nearby teeth? After significant tooth loss, you may notice your remaining teeth start to tilt towards the open space. 

To prevent this shifting of teeth, the best thing you can do is fill the space with an artificial tooth through a dental bridge treatment. This is important because teeth that shift too much may become loose and lead to further tooth loss. 

Am I a Good Candidate for Dental Bridges? 

While a dental bridge is a great tooth replacement option, it is not an ideal solution for everyone. There are several factors which contribute to a person being a good candidate for this procedure and you must: 

  • Be missing one or more permanent teeth 
  • Be in good overall health 
  • Have strong bone structure and healthy teeth which can support the bridge
  • Have good oral health 
  • Be committed to a strict oral hygiene routine 

With good oral hygiene and regular visits to your dentist, it is possible for your dental bridge to last between 5-7 years. 

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