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Get Back-To-School Ready With A Trip To The Dentist

Get Back-To-School Ready With A Trip To The Dentist

As children are getting ready to go back to school, it’s the perfect time for a children’s dental exam. Even though there is no wrong time to take care of dental health, right before school starts is an ideal time for a dental exam. Scheduling a children’s dental exam before the hustle and bustle of the school year is a good way to make sure that this important part of your child’s health isn’t forgotten. Prepare your child for the school year with a beautiful smile free from plaque or oral health problems!

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Why To Visit A Dentist This September

Start The Year With A Fresh Smile
When your child receives a dental exam they will also receive a dental cleaning. Dental cleanings are a more thorough cleaning than everyday brushing and flossing, and they can get plaque out of even those hard-to-reach places. When your child feels proud of their smile, it can leave your child with a clean and bright smile that they can be confident about. By removing plaque during a dental cleaning, a trip to the dentist can also help to improve your child’s breath. Avoiding bad breath can greatly increase a child’s ability to feel confident while making friends, which is a great way to start a new school year.

Address Any Issues Early
By taking your child for a dental exam before the school year starts, you will be able to address any issue before the stress and chaos of the school year starts to build. If your child needs any dental procedures such as wisdom teeth removal or any tooth alignments, such as Invisalign®, it is best to address this before the school year is in full swing. The more you can have done early in the school year, the less valuable school time your child will need to miss.

Get Back Into A Great Dental Care Routine
Summertime often means sleeping in, going to bed late, trips to the lake, s’mores by the campfire, and other activities that aren’t the regular routine during the school year. A trip to the dentist right before school starts or within the first few weeks of school is a reminder that it’s time to get back into routine: your child’s everyday school routine as well as their dental routine. A solid dental routine involves the following: 

Flossing At Least Once A Day
Flossing should start when your child has two teeth that touch usually around ages 2 to 3. 90% of halitosis or bad breath is primarily caused by lack of dental flossing. More effective than brushing alone, flossing is one of the best ways to remove bacteria at the base of your teeth below the gum line and sides of your teeth. The optimal time to floss is before brushing at bedtime to allow for the fluoride from the toothpaste to coat and protect your teeth overnight. 

Brushing Teeth Twice A Day For At Least 2 Minutes
The best way to prevent gum disease and cavities is to brush before breakfast in the morning and after flossing before bed. Brushing should be completed using fluoride toothpaste and should last for 2 minutes. Make sure your child has brushed all spots in the mouth, including their back molars and their tongue.

Using Mouthwash Regularly
To supplement brushing and flossing, mouthwash allows for any loose food or debris to be removed while reducing plaque and bad breath. Some types of mouthwash even help remineralize tooth enamel. Plus, mouthwash containing CPC Technology or Citrox® is known for its antiviral and antibacterial benefits that could reduce the viral and bacterial load in your mouth.

Making Healthier Food Choices
The food your child eats affects their tooth health. Sugary foods lead to plaque build-up and cavities. Sticky candies that cling to the teeth are especially damaging to tooth health, as they are not as easily washed from the mouth. Eating healthier will limit the amount of sugar in your child’s mouth while also encouraging healthy development of the teeth and benefitting your child’s general health. Learn more by reading Is Candy Really Bad For My Teeth?

Visiting The Dentist Every 6 Months
Although your child should be brushing and flossing every day, sometime in summer (especially on vacation) children may have forgotten to do this. As they get back into preparing for school, it’s the perfect time for the dentist to remind them how often to brush, how to properly floss, and why it’s so important to do this every single day as a part of their morning and evening routine.

Ask Questions
Both you and your child can take this opportunity to ask your dentist questions. Encouraging your child to ask the dentist questions is beneficial for children, as it encourages them to communicate with authority figures (such as teachers) and it can get them interested in their oral health and maybe even the science involved in this field. But parents are also encouraged to ask questions. A dental exam is a good time to discuss your child’s eating habits, oral health routines, and any potential upcoming changes (such as baby teeth falling out, wisdom teeth growing in, the need for Invisalign®, and more). Parents tend to think about how fast their children are growing and how their needs change when the start of the school year comes around. Although this can be very emotional, it’s also a good opportunity to prepare yourself for changes within your child that you need to be ready for.

Schedule A Dental Checkup This September

Help your child get ready for the start of school with a children’s dental exam. Whether your child is just starting school, or if they’re almost ready to graduate, regular dental checkups are an important part of your child’s health. If you have any concerns about your child’s oral health, Dr. Korol’s dental team of Calgary holistic dentists and dental hygienists are here to answer any questions and ensure your child’s smile is ready for school and prepared for years to come. To schedule a children’s dental exam or cleaning, contact Dr. Korol at 1-403-245-9099 or fill out the online contact form.

If your middle schooler or high schooler is ready for a beautiful, even smile, speak to our team at Dr. Korol Dental about Invisalign® and inquire about our FREE Invisalign® consultation with a dental checkup. Offer available until October 31, 2022.


A children’s dental checkup is fairly similar to an adult’s dental cleaning. A dental checkup will involve a cleaning, an examination, and an x-ray so that your dentist can see your child’s tooth development. For more details, read What To Expect During A Dental Cleaning.

The Canadian Association of Dentistry recommends patients visit their dentist once every six months.

Children should first see a dentist as early as six months of age and no later than one year of age. During this time, your child will have some of their baby teeth and your dentist can examine their health. After this first visit, be sure to schedule regular checkups every six months.


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