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How to Look After Your Custom Mouthguard

Do you wear a custom mouthguard? Here are some tips from our Calgary holistic dentist on how you can maintain your dental device and keep it looking and working as good as new!

A mouthguard is a protective device for your mouth and it’s designed to cover your teeth, and sometimes your gums. Your holistic dentist may suggest a custom mouthguard for you if you have TMJ or suffer from bruxism (teeth grinding). 

When compared to store-bought mouthguards, custom mouthguards offer patients numerous benefits, including: 

  • More comfortable and secure fit
  • Won’t interfere with your ability to speak or breathe
  • It can protect your braces and limit the effect of soft tissue injury
  • Children are more likely to wear them because they are comfortable
  • Greater protection 


Our Holistic Dentists Provide Quality Custom Mouthguards 

At Dr. Korol Dental, our team of Calgary holistic dentists can design a custom mouthguard to fit your teeth. This will ensure that it provides the highest level of protection and fits more comfortably than the store-bought varieties. 

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3 Tips For Taking Care of Your Custom Mouthguard 

Mouthguards are one of the great innovations in athletic safety equipment and they can help protect you against tooth fractures, tooth loss, and soft tissue injuries. But in order for them to work optimally, you must keep them in good condition. 

Here are some tips on how to do just that: 

1. Store Your Custom Mouthguard Safely 

When you are not wearing your custom mouthguard, do not just leave it in your sports bag or on your bedside table. Outside of its storage case, your mouthguard could easily become misplaced or damaged. 

In addition to this, make sure that your case is closed tightly and that it is stored in a cool and dry place. This will discourage bacteria growth on the mouthguard and it will prevent heat and humidity from destroying the soft plastic. 


2. Clean Your Mouthguard Properly 

Custom mouthguards are an excellent way to protect your teeth from injury. However, if you don’t clean it properly, then bacteria could grow on it and result in an infection. Here are some tips on how to clean your custom mouthguard: 

  • Using a non-abrasive toothpaste and soft bristle toothbrush, give your mouthguard a good brush and rinse. 

  • Run your mouthguard and case under cool water and lather up a little liquid hand soap. AVOID hot water as this can distort the plastic and prevent the mouthguard from fitting properly. 

  • Once clean, dry your mouthguard thoroughly and place it in a ventilated case for storage. 

Finally, brush your teeth. This will help remove any bacteria that may have been transferred to your mouth when wearing the mouthguard. 

3. Replace Your Mouthguard Periodically 

If your mouthguard is starting to show visible signs of deterioration, then visit your holistic dentist to have it replaced. Most often, your mold will still be on file which will allow a replacement to be produced without another impression of your teeth being taken. 

Protect Your Oral Health with Our Custom Mouthguards 

If you play sports or grind your teeth and you don’t already have a custom mouthguard, you can visit our holistic dental clinic to have one made. For more advice on how to care for your mouthguard, or to book an appointment, call us at 403-245-9099 or fill out our online contact form. 


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