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Signs, Causes & Treatment of Fluorosis

Do your child’s teeth appear to be slightly discoloured? Learn about the signs of fluorosis and how our Calgary dental hygienists can help keep your little one’s smile bright and healthy.

Fluorosis is a common condition that affects the teeth and it’s caused by overexposure to fluoride during the first eight years of a child’s life.

While in most cases, teeth that are affected by fluorosis may appear to be slightly discoloured, in severe cases, it can lead to:

  • Yellow or dark brown staining
  • Rough, pitted enamel
  • Surface irregularities
  • Permanent damage to the enamel

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What Causes Fluorosis?

Dental fluorosis occurs because of the overconsumption of fluoride during the period when the enamel layers of permanent teeth are being formed. This often happens before the age of eight, or around the ages of 1-2, when your little one’s baby teeth are coming in.

Major Cause of Fluorosis: One of the biggest causes of fluorosis is the inappropriate use of toothpaste and mouthwashes that contain fluoride. That’s why it’s important to monitor your child’s dental hygiene and brushing habits to ensure they aren’t ingesting large amounts of these dental products.

Other causes of this condition include:

  • Taking a higher-than-prescribed amount of fluoride supplement during early childhood.
  • Drinking fluoridated drinking water while taking a fluoride supplement.
  • Using and ingesting fluoridated dental products.

Remember: Although fluorosis is not a disease, it can be difficult to treat and may even be psychologically disturbing to your child. Remaining vigilant and aware of your child’s dental hygiene habits will play a crucial role in preventing this condition.


Symptoms of Fluorosis

The symptoms of this dental condition can range from small white, unnoticeable streaks, to dark brown stains and pitted enamel.

Your dentist may rate the severity of fluorosis using the following categories:

  • Questionable: There are only slight changes to the enamel, whether it’s white flecks or spots.
  • Very mild: Small, opaque white areas cover less than 25% of the tooth surface.
  • Mild: The opaque areas are more extensive, but still affect less than 50% of the surface.
  • Moderate: White areas cover more than 50% of the tooth surface.
  • Severe: All enamel surfaces are affected. You may also notice some pitting.

Importance of Regular Dental Checkups

Scheduling regular dental checkups with your child’s dentist can help promote good dental hygiene and ensure that your oral healthcare professional identifies conditions such as fluorosis early on.

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How to Treat Fluorosis

In the majority of cases, children experience a very mild form of fluorosis and no treatment is required. However, for those that are experiencing moderate-severe symptoms, there are ways to enhance the appearance of the teeth.

These include:

  • Teeth whitening: A professional teeth whitening treatment can remove the stains on the surface of your teeth.
  • Bonding: During this treatment, your dentist will coat your tooth with a hard resin that bonds to the enamel.
  • Veneers: These custom made shells made of porcelain are placed over the teeth to improve their appearance.
  • MI Paste: This paste contains calcium phosphate and can help minimize tooth discoloration.

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