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Top Signs You're a Good Candidate for Dental Bridges

Do you have one or more missing teeth? Here are some signs that dental bridges could be an excellent way to restore the appearance of your smile and your oral health.

Tooth loss can affect more than just your confidence and appearance. Gaps in your smile can also make it difficult to speak clearly and eat a healthy diet. Luckily, there are a range of affordable and comfortable tooth replacement solutions available to help restore your smile and oral health. 

One such solution is dental bridges, a dental treatment where your dentist will fill the empty space with a false tooth that looks and feels natural. Some of the benefits of dental bridges include: 

  • Improved appearance
  • Prevention of sagging soft tissues around the mouth
  • Correction of any speech issues
  • Improved ability to eat

If you are suffering from tooth loss, our Calgary holistic dentists can offer natural looking and durable solutions, including dental bridges and dental implants, to help restore your dental health and overall well-being. 

Our Holistic Dentists Can Improve Your Appearance and Oral Health 

At Dr. Korol Dental Clinic, our team of holistic dentists are committed to protecting both your oral and overall health. We offer a wide range of dental services and treatments, including dental bridges, crowns, implants, and ceramic fillings to meet all your needs. 

All of our treatments use biocompatible and mercury-free materials, helping you maintain optimal dental and overall well-being. 

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Am I a Good Candidate for Dental Bridges? 

A common treatment in restorative dentistry, dental bridges use artificial teeth to close gaps in your smile and improve your oral health and function. Here are some signs that a dental bridge could be the right solution for you:

You Are Missing a Single Tooth 

A traditional dental bridge is the most cost-effective and quick way to restore a single missing tooth. To hold the bridge in place, the adjacent teeth will be prepared for crown placement. 

This involves the removal of some of the tooth’s perimeter so that the crown can fit over the tooth. Once the crowns are placed over the teeth on each end of the gap, the bridge will fill the space left by the missing tooth.

You Are Missing Multiple, Consecutive Teeth in One Area of the Mouth 

Dental bridges are an excellent choice if you are missing more than one tooth, but the  missing teeth are located in the same area of the mouth. In most cases, a dental bridge can be used to replace 2-3 consecutive teeth.


Other Considerations 

If you have one to three consecutive teeth missing, dental bridges are most likely a great restorative solution for you. However, in order to be a candidate for this procedure, you must also: 

  • Have good oral and overall health 
  • Be free of gum disease or the gum disease must be treated prior to the treatment 
  • Have a strong and healthy jawbone to support the bridge 

Remember, you must have a solid foundation upon which the bridge can be built, which is why meeting all the above criteria is so important. 

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