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Why Do Some Dentists Prefer Biocompatible Dentistry?

Why Do Some Dentists Prefer Biocompatible Dentistry?

Biocompatible dentistry is an approach to dental care that emphasizes the patient’s oral health to achieve overall health and optimal well-being. This form of dentistry considers how the health of the mouth and materials used to treat various dental conditions can impact the rest of the body. Biocompatible materials are materials that won’t cause any adverse effects to the patient’s biology and physiology. More and more dentists are choosing to include this holistic approach in their dental practice as a way to provide the most effective dental treatments while keeping their patients safe and healthy overall.

Dr. Korol is a Calgary dentist who focuses on her patient’s complete health with a team committed to providing the most advanced biocompatible dentistry solutions and technologies. Book your appointment to meet our dedicated team of dentists and hygienists.

Why Dentists Choose Biocompatible Dentistry

It is no secret that there is a connection between the health of our mouth and the health of our entire body. There is strong evidence to suggest that conditions such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and osteoporosis are linked to oral health. Dentists who choose to focus their practice on biocompatible dentistry and biocompatible materials recognize that what happens in the mouth can be connected to other underlying health concerns and vice-versa. By emphasizing the connection between oral health and overall health, your dentist can play a role in ensuring whole health for a lifetime.

Biocompatible Alternative To Traditional Dentistry
Some of the alternative practices your dentist may use in their biocompatible practice are:

  • Digital x-rays to minimize radiation exposure
  • Fluoride-free alternative to prevent tooth decay
  • Amalgam-free materials and amalgam-safe techniques to limit exposure to toxic materials
  • High-quality, biocompatible materials

What Biocompatible Materials Do Dentists Use?
Biocompatible materials are safe, non-toxic, and natural materials that are proven to be effective in restoring oral health. These materials are designed to replicate natural tooth structures and materials without causing harmful side effects. Some examples of the biocompatible materials your dentist may use include:

  • Inlays: Inlays are used when the tooth’s biting surface has been damaged or compromised. Your dentist may opt for ceramic or gold. These materials provide the strength and durability required and are biologically well-tolerated.
  • Onlays And Crowns: This dental solution is ideal when a tooth has sustained significant damage. Gold or ceramic onlays or crowns can replace lost tooth structure and are strong enough to support the bite.
  • Composite Fillings: This material is designed to match your natural tooth colour. It is a composite of resin and glass-like particles. The resin forms a strong bond to the existing tooth structure and the glass component resists wear and tear. Composite fillings can be used for new fillings or to replace old amalgam (mercury) fillings. To learn more about removing and replacing old fillings read our page about Mercury Free Dentistry.

The Benefits of Using Biocompatible Materials
Using natural and biocompatible materials with proven traditional dental care can help patients maintain good overall health. The benefits of holistic dental care include:

  • Total body health consideration
  • Comprehensive dental care for all ages and conditions
  • Safe, non-toxic dental treatments
  • Long-lasting, reliable, effective dental solutions

Choose A Calgary Dentist Committed To Biocompatible Dentistry

For patients who are focused on optimal health and well-being and who want to avoid toxic materials and chemicals, seeking a Calgary dentist who is committed to biocompatible dentistry can ensure a safer and elevated dental care and oral health experience.

Dr. Korol and her skilled and compassionate team are committed to providing the highest quality and safest, most holistic approach to dental care, oral health, and overall well-being. We offer the newest and most effective treatments and technologies to support a lifetime of good health. Book your appointment by calling (403) 245-9099 or filling out our online form.


If you have amalgam fillings, also called mercury fillings, you could be at risk for mercury poisoning. Dr. Korol is a SMART-certified (Safe Mercury Amalgam Removal Technique) biocompatible dentist. To learn more about mercury filling removal and replacement read Understanding Safe Mercury Fillings Removal.


Mercury fillings have been associated with tremors, hearing and vision impairments, insomnia, emotional irregularities, and other health concerns. If you are concerned about your amalgam/mercury fillings, book an appointment with Dr. Korol to discuss your options for removal and replacement.



The Canadian Association of Dentistry recommends patients visit their dentist once every six months.


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