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3 Amazing Benefits Of Porcelain Veneers

While face masks have conveniently been hiding our cracked, chipped, gapped, and discolored teeth, when you head back to the office and everyday life, you could shock your colleagues, friends, and family with a devastating smile thanks to Porcelain Veneers. Scared of drinking those infamous teeth-staining culprits, and coincidentally all the best things, such as coffee, tea, and wine? Or are you just sick of wearing a bitter mouthful of jelly whitening strips when you're watching soaps? Skip the staining and the whitening; talk to your dental professional about getting veneers!

What Are Veneers? 

Veneers are thin shells adhered to the front of your tooth to improve the appearance of your smile and fix cosmetic concerns. The exterior is custom-fitted and made to order to the patient's teeth. Then it is typically bonded to the natural tooth using an adhesive of special resin cement. There are two types of veneers, made of either porcelain or composite. We only use porcelain at our Calgary Dental Clinic as it is known to be a sturdier material that is less prone to staining than composite veneers. 

Our Calgary Holistic Dentists Provide Customized Porcelain Veneers 

Are you tired of hiding your stained or chipped smile? Our Calgary holistic dentists use safe and non-toxic, biocompatible material to match the shade and structure of your natural teeth to give you the bright and healthy smile you've always wanted. We can customize your veneers to suit your unique needs and provide natural-looking and beautiful results. No one will even think you have veneers on, just amazing teeth! 

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Renew, Fix And Protect Your Smile With Veneers

Porcelain veneers can be an impressive before and after picture and can fix many cosmetic concerns. While they may seem like small superficial tweaks, a straight, full smile of immaculate white teeth can make all the difference to your confidence. We know that clients want their teeth to look clean and white while also natural. That's why at Dr. Jackie Korol Dentistry, we make all our veneers from safe and non-toxic, biocompatible material to match the shade and structure of your natural teeth. No one will think you have veneers on, just amazing teeth!

Finally, be free of cracks, chips, gaps, and teeth staining!

Suppose your tooth has cracked or chipped recently. In that case, you may be a candidate for emergency dentistry, or, if it has become something that has been a source of embarrassment or pain for a while now, book a consultation with your dentist to see if porcelain veneers are a good option for you. 

Veneers can address tooth concerns such as:

  • Teeth-staining and discoloration
  • Tweaks to teeth alignment without braces or Invisalign
  • Tooth shape 
  • Tooth Gaps

Low Maintenance, High-end Smile!

Can't be bothered with whitening, or are you tired of being careful about the foods and drinks you eat? There is an easier way to enjoy the drinks you love while achieving and protecting a dazzling smile from future stains or discoloration. While Veeners do require some basic care, such as regular dental checkups, dental cleanings, and of course, brushing and flossing, say goodbye to whitening appointments and at-home-teeth-whitening remedies and embrace a carefree, beautiful smile! 


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If you are considering veneers or enhancing your smile, our team of Calgary holistic dentists can answer any questions you have. We will evaluate your teeth and oral health to determine you are a candidate for veneers, and together we can customize your smile to get that perfect shade, shape, and "WOW" factor so you won't ever hide your heartwarming smile again.

To find out more about the costs and benefits of Veneers, and how our Calgary holistic dentists can help you achieve a beautiful smile while protecting your oral and overall health, contact our dental clinic at 403-245-9099 or book an appointment.


Do Veneers Ruin Your Teeth?

The short answer is no; veneers protect your teeth from further damage. However, veneers are permanent as they may require some filing of the natural tooth structure and removing a thin bit of enamel. Despite this, veneers protect your tooth from more future enamel wear and tear than if left exposed to everyday eating, drinking, brushing, and whitening. 

What Are The Cons Of Getting Veneers?

While they can dramatically rejuvenate your smile, they are permanent- which is excellent! But only if you get them done right by a qualified professional. Make sure your smile is in good hands, and do your research before making the exciting investment in permanent veneers. 

What's The Difference Between Veneers Vs. Crowns Or Dental Bridges?

While they all help you achieve a perfect smile, the main difference is where the dental adornment is affixed and the amount of enamel removed for each cosmetic procedure. Dental Crowns, whether full or partial crowns and Dental Bridges are installed like a cap over your teeth, may require more enamel to be filed off and are generally considered more invasive than veneers. Also, typically they are used to achieve different goals, such as filling missing teeth rather than gaps. 


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